2020 publications from Birdcage Bottom Books

Created by J.T. Yost

New comics by Patrick Dean, Mike Freiheit, November Garcia, Lance Ward and Thomas Lampion, published by Birdcage Bottom Books!

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One week left!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 08, 2022 at 10:25:13 AM

Just wanted to send a heads up that there's only a week left in our 2022 BBB Kickstarter campaign. We're at 57% funded but have a long way to go. We're incredibly proud of all the comics we've put together for 2022 and sincerely hope we're able to birth these book babies into the world.

If you're unable to back the campaign, we'd still appreciate any help you can provide in getting the word out. We've made a super-easy-to-share Twitter thread featuring each comic (pinned to our Twitter page). We tend to focus our social media efforts on Instagram since it's more image-based, but we're pulling out all the stops for this campaign!

We just spent way too long on this silly stop-motion promo for Brett Hamil's SK8 Dad Summer.  Busted out the accordions for this one!

2021 Kickstarter is LIVE and includes early-bird specials!
over 2 years ago – Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 01:49:51 PM

Thank you for your support of our previous Kickstarter. We wanted to let you know that our 2021 campaign is now live and includes lots of incredible comics. There's a limited number of early-bird discounted specials, so don't sleep on it!

Here's the link (feel free to signal boost!):

This year's publications include TOO TOUGH TO DIE: An Aging Punx Anthology, Robert H. Stevenson's COMFORT CREATURES mini, Captain Rottsteak's EVERYTHING IS SUPER graphic novel, and three new issues of Lance Ward's autobiographical FLOP SWEAT series. Check 'em out along with tons of custom art, original art, limited edition comics, and other great rewards. 

Black Friday sale + everything shipping!
over 2 years ago – Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 09:34:13 AM

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! Hope you're all staying safe and eating well. 

I'm shipping out all rewards just as fast as I can pack all these lovely comics, so keep an eye on your mailbox. I wish I had an army of humans (or any primates with opposable thumbs) to help out, but for now it's just me. I thank you for your patience, and I know the wait will be worth it. 

That's right, it's our biggest sale of the year over at the Birdcage Bottom Books website. We've got hundreds of comics from both our distro and our own publications steeply discounted. Check out this link for all the details. Don't forget to use the discount code BLACKFRIDAY2020 to get the discounts!

over 2 years ago – Mon, Nov 02, 2020 at 08:47:34 AM

Hello! I think I can safely say that we're all basting in anxiety and suspense over the next few days, so I offer up some GOOD NEWS:

Thomas Lampion's "The Burning Hotels" is on its way to us from the printer! Also, we'll be having our biggest sale of the year at the end of November, so be sure you're on our mailing list. 25% off, 50% off and special sale bundles on most of our distro and BBB products!

November Garcia is finishing up "Malarkey #5" after some setbacks (including a hurricane currently headed to the Philippines), but I assure you it will be incredible. Here's a sneak-peek at a new page. Hopefully those involved haven't signed non-disclosure agreements:

 Also, we've added a bunch of Thomas Lampion's mini-comics to the distro. These minis inspired us to publish "The Burning Hotels". There's even a VERY limited amount (two, actually) of handmade plush dolls of Werner the Cat from Lampion's "Häxan Lane" series (comes with both issues of the comic)!

For those of you who ordered our entire 2020 catalog, thank you for your patience. Once "Malarkey #5" is printed, we'll be able to send everything out. Please, take care of yourselves everyone!